What is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?

First, the “technical” explanation: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a non-invasive laboratory test that measures the mineral content of a hair sample in order to determine, and assist in balancing your biochemical makeup. It includes a complete and comprehensive computerized evaluation of all of the significant mineral levels and ratios (including toxic elements) and the impact on body chemistry, a detailed explanation of metabolic type, and dietary and supplemental nutrient recommendations. This type of testing provides a blueprint of your biochemistry during the period of hair growth and development, approximately a three-month time frame.


What all of that means to you and me: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis uses a small sample of your hair to figure out what minerals, and how much of each, are present in your tissues. Hair just happens to be the most simple tissue to test, but tissue makes up the organs, skin, bones, cartilage and nerves. The minerals that are in the hair are thought to be representative of the minerals found in other tissue, so what we find here can potentially tell us a lot about what is going on all over the body.

What We Do

Restore Vitality Center uses nutritional programs for our clients based on their own laboratory analysis and screening test to help improve their overall health and nutrition. All HTMA are processed through Analytical Research Lab which has been doing it since the 1970's! The laboratory not only has a location in Phoenix, Arizona, but they also synthesize all supplement by their company Endomet Labs.

There is a root cause behind fatigue, hormone imbalance, ADHD, and other discomforts. This test helps us figure out what that root cause is.


The LIFE Professional Biofeedback Device is the most advanced system available that can accurately identify and release key areas of negative stress from severe trauma, while also providing dynamic self-healing and recovery, that I have found in my many years of work with post-traumatic stress, emotional abuse and a wide spectrum of chronic illnesses.

It can assess and support all areas of imbalance in the body, brain and mind and then provide gentle, non-invasive potentials for self-healing by helping clients release, and reprogram even the most profoundly debilitating stress conditions of severe trauma, illness, and disease.


Detoxification Protocol & Lifestyle

Restore Vitality Center combines ancient & modern sciences in the "gray areas" of science.

  • Restorative sleep and adequate rest
  • A nutrient dense diet based on one's individual needs
  • Consumption of appropriate amounts of Spring Water
  • Yin/Yang Energies
  • Acidity vs Alkalinity
  • Daily Supplements such as Kelp or Fish Oil
  • Stress reducing techniques, breathing exercise, and Roy Masters Meditation
  • A supplement program to balance biochemistry and improve energy efficiency in the body
  • Detoxification protocols, including carrot juice, coffee enemas, ionizer, reflexology, massage therapy, and ways to avoid toxicities

Why does it matter what minerals are in your tissues?

Minerals are the raw materials necessary for every function of the body because without them we can’t make energy. So they help the body create and balance hormones, they help with brain function and mood regulation, they are critically necessary for a healthy response to stress and immune function, they affect heart rhythm, blood pressure, sleep . . . the list goes on and on.



Disclaimer and Disclosure

Nutritional balancing is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical.  Instead, it is a means of improving energy and reducing stress by balancing, strengthening and restoring the body chemistry. When this is done, many health conditions improve by themselves.

Warning. We make as much information as possible available at no cost in order to spread Nutritional Balancing. Unfortunately, this causes many doctors and others to start their own version of the "Nutritional Balancing Program".   


Please note that there is only one nutritional balancing science, developed by Dr. Paul Eck.  Altering any aspect of a nutritional balancing program may ruin it rather completely.  This could be substituting different products that you like better, skipping an aspect of the diet or the supplements, set up by Dr. Larry Wilson, or implementing other diets, such as GAPS OR PALEO, OR something else that people do all the time, such for example using other forms of meditation.  In other words, using other products or diets, or meditation, can conflict with the entire program and it can reduce its effectiveness. Thus, nutritional balancing science is completely integrated, meaning that the sciences are used together in very unique way.